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True stories. Real people.

Stories live inside each person I meet. Tales of murder, survival, romance, intrigue, heartache, overcoming odds, tragedy, drama, conquering enemies, comedy and victory hiding behind unassuming gazes. Even the most average person lives experiences that will make you laugh, cry or inspire you to greatness. It’s the true stories that sometimes prove themselves the most unbelievable. These stories spill out of me, fueling my passion to validate heroes and give voice to victims.

I tell stories. Stories people treasure in their heart, some that persistently cling to their souls and won’t turn loose, and stories that tickle your funny bone. Some days fingers and keyboard tap out the memories held by my neighbors. Other days my family bounces down the road on a road trip investigating and uncovering unique people in order to share their stories with the world.

As a teller of stories, I meet some pretty interesting characters. Thousands upon thousands of great stories wander around waiting to be told. The most entertaining, uplifting, inspiring, tragic, amazing and dramatic of tales are available to download to your eReader in Shorts book format.

I find humor in my own life and experiences. I blog about most of the giggles here at I’ll tell you about the people I meet, the stories I’m working on, and what happens along the way as we explore and experience people and places life has to offer, writing our own story. (Wait until you read about the time I road my bike to the farmers market to purchase a watermelon. I’ll never do that again.)